Summer Centella

“craftsmen’s muddy hands enriched alluvial cultures”

We have conserved the sweaty and muddy hardworking in pottery as our lifestyle and career of enriching the alluvial soils for the Vietnamese culture river. That is also our grateful acknowledgement to our Vietnamese pottery ancestry

In Vietnamese, there is a saying “dây mơ rễ má”
"dây mơ" ( string of Paederia  foetida) - " rễ má ( roots of centella)


the story we are going to share with you here is about our "S U M M E R   C E N T E L L A" - the second ceramic collection of TuHu Ceramics collaborated with the ceramic designer Man Thien, published in June.2020.

We met in the very first time in an August morning in 2018, in Saigon. We are Tuhu Ceramics and the author of “summer centella".

We had chances to collaborate and then shared the same concern on “native Vietnamese elements" in Vietnamese ceramics. Which images could be regarded to the Vietnamese? Is it so familiar that could not be recognized? Or when being out of sight, that nostalgia might turn strong enough to recall us of something? We wonder if there could be anything with such descriptive power.

Two years later, the pattern of string-shaped centella roots was created because of those reflections. This “native Vietnamese element" might be inclined to the Southern shade, since from where we believed that no one has grown up without once eating a bow of centella soup or drinking a cup of centella juice. “summer centella" in our mind is a painting including Vietnamese elements: the native homeland (rễ - roots), the family meal (má - the centella soup cooked by mothers), the rustic and honest (mùa - countryside crops), all in a tropical atmosphere (hè - summer).

On ceramic techniques, we replaced the well-known cobalt blue of Tuhu Ceramics with the freshly youthful green as a new experimental idea. The “summer centella" pattern was hand- drawn in the also newly matte ivory glaze that Tuhu Ceramics first time had just successfully created in our own factory in Dakai, Vietnam.


TUHU is the Copyright Owner for all designs in the collection "summer centella" pattern set - application on ceramic and fabric materials, according to the Certificate No. 5788/2020/QTG issued by the Copyright Office of Vietnam.

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về ăn rau má, về với má

về với quê nhà, mùa màng

mùa hè, mùa rong chơi

sự thảnh thơi, bình dị

mọi thứ chậm rãi và xanh tươi

ánh sáng mùa hè trên đồng quê việt nam!