How do I care for Tuhú item?

Our ceramics are handcrafted in a durable, high-quality stone clay body and glazed with certified food safe. Every piece is microwave, and dishwasher safe; however, hand-washing will always prolong the life cycle of your pottery. Dirt and stains on unglazed surfaces can be removed with a scrub brush and a bit of baking soda. Do not expose the wares to sudden, dramatic shifts in temperature (e.g. place into a hot oven from the freezer) or place over an open flame.

What is a “Second” product?

Seconds are pieces that don’t meet aesthetic quality standards regular Tuhú sale. The imperfections in the finish do not affect the integrity of the piece.
  • Many makers throw these pieces out, but with sustainable practices being the core of our business. We prefer to offer them at reduced rates to reflect their visual impurities.
  • Giving room for imperfections allows for more accessibility for my customers and a less-wasteful practice.
  • Examples of seconds:
    1. A cup with some pin holing in glaze. These tiny holes are not sharp and do not cause any issues when using the product.

    2. A dish with a small “S” fracture in the base or a teapot with a surface fracture by the spout. This fracture does not go entirely through or interfere with the integrity of the pieces’ function.

What do i do when received damage item?

We take great care in packaging our ceramics as safely as possible.

In the rare and unfortunate event where an item arrives to you damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of the receipt of the goods for an immediate replacement, refund or credit voucher.

Please just send your order number, exact items/quantities and photos of the item(s) damaged.
We DO NOT process claims without photos clearly showing the damage.

Upon your claim being approved, we will ship to you the replacement for the damaged item(s) if the item(s) is in stock/available and if not, a refund will be issued.

*Please do not send us back broken items.

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Do you ship internationally?