Gift for your beloved one

... nothing better like a T E A P O T set for your loved one

to open it and sit down together for the stories to rely on ...

tea set

This one-of-a-kind espresso cup will be a great gift

for your next housewarming party,

friends wedding or as a birthday gift.

With this special   _e s p r e s s o_  set your coffee breaks will look beautiful than ever!

Giant mug - Y Thanh

Giant mug - Pipa D4

Giant mug - N.Y.Avenue

Giant mug - Matrix D1

Giant mug - Pipa D2

Giant mug - Sparkle night

Giant mug - Taylor D2

Giant mug - River of Ganga

Giant mug - Polka dots

Cup - Y Thanh

Cup - Bamboo

Cup - Sparkle night

Cup - Polka dots

Cup - River of Ganga

Cup - Pipa D1

Cup - Trà

Cup - Plain

Cup - rễ má mùa hè

Cup - Matrix D1

Cup - N.Y.Avenue

Cup - Pipa D4